Frequently Asked Questions

For which states do you provide practice questions?

We cater to all 50 states across the U.S. Our materials incorporate both nationwide and state-specific content.

How frequently is the content refreshed?

Non-stop! As exam requirements evolve, so do our questions. We undertake this to ensure that our content aligns as closely as possible with your exam.

What is the length of the MP3 files available for download?

Every MP3 track lasts from 2 to 5 minutes. Their collective duration sums up to roughly 120 minutes, although this continually alters as we consistently revise the content. You hold the option to either download MP3 files individually or in a compressed folder. Additionally, streaming the audio directly onto your device for on-the-move listening is possible.

Is it necessary to download any software or programs onto my computer?

Absolutely not. You won’t ever need to download anything, install a CD, or other software that might slow down your computer. All that’s required is an internet browser and connection. You’re able to access your account from any recent computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Will the program automatically bill my credit card after my subscription has ended?

Definitely not. Automatic billing will never occur.

Will the exam questions exactly match those in the practice tests?

No, that would be unlawful. We strive to mirror the content as closely as possible to aid in your success. While the actual exam questions will differ, all our materials have been devised to emulate what you’ll need to understand to pass. A substantial portion of our efforts is dedicated to keeping pace with the content on each state’s exam. Be wary of any program, person, or company that claims to have the exact questions from the exam.

Where can I view my test results?

While you take your test, the scores are registered. You’ll find a summary of all your ongoing tests on your account dashboard.

How is the guarantee implemented?

We deeply value our product and promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case you find our product unsatisfactory, simply reach out to us within 60 days post-purchase and we’ll return your money. Contrary to many competitors, we don’t ask you to demonstrate that you failed your exam or make you jump through any hoops.

Is there a “standar” architecture test?

A common misconception is that a national architecture test exists. This isn’t true. Several states have a national section, which many (though not all) states share. When a state has a national section, it’s usually supplemented by a state-specific section to concentrate on that state’s regulations. Certain states, like California, lack a state section as both state and national data are consolidated into a single test.

What steps are required for licensure?

The route to becoming an architect varies from state to state. Usually, there are age and pre-licensing education prerequisites, and for experienced architects, some level of prior experience is standard. Additionally, a background check and architecture license application are standard requirements. A majority of states (but not all) offer more than one type of license, and what can be accomplished with those licenses will vary. For more information on obtaining your architecture license in your state, click here.

What’s the duration before my account is activated post-purchase?

Instant access to your account is guaranteed once your purchase is made.

Why are there three separate packages available?

Individuals possess unique learning requirements and budget constraints. We aim to cater to everyone’s needs through our diverse plans. Our “Premium” package offers the most extensive features and includes exclusive elements not available elsewhere, such as live online webinars conducted by our internal real estate professionals.