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On this page, you’ll find an exhaustive guide on the Nova Scotia Architect License Requirements and the Architect Registration process in Nova Scotia. It provides all the crucial information you need including province regulations, application fees, and filing instructions among other relevant details. If you need any assistance related to the licensing process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to offer further details about our software and managed license services to support your needs.

How do I become an architect in Nova Scotia?

Becoming an architect in Nova Scotia involves a combination of education, experience, and examination. In terms of education, applicants must have a Master’s Degree in Architecture or certified academic qualifications recognized by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB). It is important to note that academic qualifications certified by World Evaluation Services (WES) are not accepted in Canada.

Experience is gained through the Internship in Architecture Program (IAP), which requires a minimum of 3,720 hours of architectural experience across 17 areas. Additionally, applicants must pass the Examination for Architects in Canada (ExAC). In Nova Scotia, there is also a pre-license interview for first-time applicants seeking to become licensed architects.

For foreign-trained architects relocating to Nova Scotia, there is an alternate pathway called the Broadly Experienced Foreign Architect Program (BEFA) administered by the CACB. A visual pathway illustrating these two licensing pathways is available to provide a clear overview of the steps involved in becoming an architect in Nova Scotia.

Which Architect Licenses Are Required In Nova Scotia?

 Nova Scotia Licensed Architect

  • Agency: Nova Scotia Association of Architects (NSAA)
  • Do I Need To Have A Foreign Qualification?: Not Set
  • Is an exam required?: Not Set
  • Registered Agent (Special Agency) Required?: Not Set

First-Time Applicants

To become a Licensed Architect for the first time in any jurisdiction, individuals must:

  • Submit a completed application: Fill out the appropriate application form in its entirety.
  • Provide confirmation of Internship in Architecture Program: If the internship was completed outside of Nova Scotia, provide proof of successful completion.
  • Successfully complete a Pre-Licensing Interview: Participate in a pre-licensing interview conducted by the NSAA Board of Registration.
  • Submit valid Certificate of Insurance: If applicable, provide a valid Certificate of Insurance demonstrating appropriate Professional Liability Insurance coverage.
  • Apply for Corporate Permit: If necessary, submit an application for a Corporate Permit.
  • Obtain references: Have two references complete the reference form and return it to the NSAA.
  • Submit payment: Include the appropriate payment along with the application.

Please note that the specific requirements and forms may vary depending on the jurisdiction. For more information, you can click here.

Nova Scotia Architect Corporate Permit

A Corporate Permit is mandatory for all forms of architectural businesses, encompassing Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, Partnerships, and Corporate Partnerships. It’s crucial to renew these permits annually by December 31st at the latest.

Eligibility for a Corporate Permit hinges on the business being predominantly under the control of architects who hold a license from the Nova Scotia Association of Architects (NSAA). This entails that a majority of both Directors and Officers, as well as the majority of share ownership, must be held by NSAA-licensed architects.

Additionally, your architectural firm or business must adhere to Nova Scotia’s business legislation. This includes registration with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies. Compliance with these regulations ensures your business is operating within the jurisdiction’s legal framework.For more information visit Corporate Permit website of Nova Scotia Board of Architects.

Register for the Architect Registration Examination

Securing an architect’s license in Nova Scotia opens up a world of opportunities to practice architecture in the state. The journey commences with the pursuit of a professional degree in architecture, a fundamental requirement in your quest to become a licensed architect. This degree is not just a piece of paper, but a testament to your knowledge and comprehension of architectural principles, a rite of passage that equips you with the tools to craft and shape the built environment.

Remember, it’s important that your architecture degree is obtained from a program accredited by a recognized body. This accreditation assures that the program meets the industry’s standards and provides the necessary skills and training.

Architect registration in Nova Scotia is a crucial step that formalizes your standing in the industry. This process includes satisfying the province’s requirements and passing the relevant examinations. With this license, you will have the legal authority to practice architecture, offering your expertise to develop the Nova Scotia landscape. Now that you are armed with this information, you’re one step closer to realizing your architectural aspirations.

Disclaimer: These requirements are subject to change based on approval board discretion. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Nova Scotia Board of Architects

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