AACA: Exam Practice Questions and Answers

December 11, 2023

Welcome to PrepArchitect’s insightful blog, tailored to guide aspiring architects through the challenging terrain of the AACA Exam. As a critical milestone in the journey to becoming a licensed architect in Australia, the AACA Exam demands thorough preparation and a deep understanding of architectural practices and regulations.

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The AACA Exam is a critical assessment for architects aspiring to gain licensure in Australia. It tests candidates’ proficiency in architectural principles, practices, and regulatory requirements. For an in-depth understanding and comprehensive preparation tips, we invite you to read our complete guide to the AACA exam.

AACA: Exam Practice Questions and Answers

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You are an architect who has designed four attached houses needing local Council’s planning approval. This includes a public notification period. After this period, no objections are received, and you proceed with the working drawings. However, the Council may still refuse the planning application.

What is the implication of the Council’s discretion in the planning application process?

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As an architect, you have designed a house with agreed-upon fees based on a client’s budget. However, the lowest tender received is significantly over budget, and the client is unable to reduce the project’s scope.

What are the professional implications when a project significantly exceeds the client’s budget?

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Your company is approached to refurbish a significant building by an original architect. The client seeks a fresh approach, differing from the original design.

What legal and ethical considerations apply when refurbishing a building designed by another architect?

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You designed a house requiring specific foundation conditions, including a notice before pouring concrete. The builder poured a slab without notifying you. You instructed demolition of the slab, but the client overruled you.

What are the implications of the client’s decision to overrule the architect’s instruction regarding construction compliance?

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You’re overseeing a building contract with a six-month defects liability period. Numerous defects arise, and the builder is unresponsive to rectification requests.

How should defects be managed during the defects liability period?

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Success in the AACA Exam is a blend of dedication, understanding, and strategic preparation. At PrepArchitect, we recommend utilizing a variety of practice questions, like those in our guide, to familiarize yourself with the exam format and requirements. Stay engaged with our resources for continued learning and skill enhancement, paving your way to becoming a licensed architect in Australia. Explore our complete guide for more in-depth insights and guidance.

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